Full Flight Technology - FFT Pro Staff -- Traditional Champion Sean Callanan
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Mon, Apr 25 2011

FFT Pro Staff -- Traditional Champion Sean Callanan

We are pleased to announce that Sean Callanan has joined Full Flight Technology's inaugural pro staff. Sean's credentials include the following: 2009 IBO World Champion [HHW]; back-to-back Hunter's Challenge Championships; and back-to-back IBO Northeast Championships. Sean's demonstrated shooting skills are a direct result of his deep understanding of arrow flight and equipment setup. That understanding along with Sean's skill and enthusiasm in sharing his knowledge makes Sean a great start to our pro staff.

Velocitip Pro Staff Sean Callanan

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“The Velocitip System will help all archers understand how to create a more stable arrow in flight and increase impact KE and accuracy.  Whether you are a seasoned hunter afield, or aspire to compete at the international ranks, your shooting will benefit from the data that this system provides.”


Sean Callanan

2009 IBO Trad Champ

3X Hunters Challenge Champion

Member Velocitip Pro Staff