Full Flight Technology - Boston Herald Interview with Company Founder
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Interview with Company Founder

Delivering the Precision Performance Edge

Sun, Jul 24 2011

Boston Herald Interview with Company Founder

The Boston Herald business editors heard about Full Flight Technology's new ballistic measurement system and decided they had to see it for themselves. There may have been some curiousity about archery innovation coming out of Cambridge, Mass. However, after spending time with company founder, Bob Donahoe, and contacting others in the field they came away with a much improved understanding of how Cambridge can deliver the most advanced microelectronics ever applied to the field of archery. We expect to have archery in the Cambridge schools and Advanced Bowhunting Ballistics at the universities before we are done!


Check out the Video & Article. Boston Herald - Sunday, July 24.

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“The Velocitip Ballistic System is an invaluable tool for any bowyer to have in their proverbial quiver ... Kudos to Full Flight Technology for bringing us Velocitip!.”


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