Full Flight Technology - Archery’s Coolest New Smartphone Tech Now Available on Google Play!
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UNO Archery App – Now Available

Delivering the Precision Performance Edge

Wed, Dec 03 2014

Archery’s Coolest New Smartphone Tech Now Available on Google Play!

UNO Archery App Delivers Precision Sight Marks


You can get the UNO app for only $9.99 on Google Play

Full Flight Technology creator of the Velocitip System delivers precise Archery Sight Setups on your Droid!


Hundreds of today’s top bows have been tested with the Velocitip System. This data is used by the estimator included in the UNO Archery App to make sighting in almost any bow sight a piece-of-cake. To use the app, archers simply sight-in at one distance and provide the app with: arrow speed; vane type; and peep measurements. The UNO Archery App immediately displays the custom sight marks for your setup. These precise sight marks displayed on the phone screen are easily transferred to any multi-pin sight. Customize the pin selection for any setup. Then position your sight pins to match the pin positions displayed on the phone. The UNO archery app can also be used with any linear single pin sight to create customized sight tapes anywhere.

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"In this year's test, we're introducing two new performance metrics that we feel are destined to become industry standards: AD/40 which predicts arrow drop at 40 yards, and KE/20 which provides a true measurement of kinetic energy at a realistic hunting distance, in this case 20 yards."


Dr. Todd Kuhn

Outdoor Life

Archery Field Editor

2012 Bow Tests