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Bowhunters Get the UNO App Today!

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Thu, Sep 08 2016

Bowhunters Get the UNO App Today!

Setup Fast and Extend Your Range with Archery's Top Ranked App.



GET THE APP - Full Flight Technology creator of the Velocitip System delivers precise Archery Sight Setups on your smartphone! New for 2016 - the UNO App supports direct wireless printing of your sight marks and sharing via email and social media. Droid users can also create PDF files so you can print from your PC using a connected printer. PLUS the new TURBO Tape Select tells you the best matched tape for HHA, Black Gold and CBE single pin sights from the manufacturer supplied tapes. Now Available for the HHA King Pin! Use the UNO Archery App for precise sight settings after sighting in at a single yardage. This time-saver sets up bows to shoot accurately from 20-80+ yards after a few minutes at the range. No need to step back 50 or 60 yards for a second sight mark.

Turbo Tape Select

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"In this year's test, we're introducing two new performance metrics that we feel are destined to become industry standards: AD/40 which predicts arrow drop at 40 yards, and KE/20 which provides a true measurement of kinetic energy at a realistic hunting distance, in this case 20 yards."


Dr. Todd Kuhn

Outdoor Life

Archery Field Editor

2012 Bow Tests